Trigger Point Dry Needling.

I just spent a weekend in sunny Arizona.  I was inside the whole weekend!  Some of you may think think that is horrible.  But I was learning!  I am now certified to perform Dry Needling.

What is Dry Needling?

Dry Needling is a physical therapy technique to help reduce pain and other symptoms.  In dry needling, a physical therapist uses acupuncture needles to stimulate an immune response in a certain area. We start by inserting an acupuncture needle or needles around the trigger point, and then along the myotomal (nerves responsible for muscle contraction) and/or dermatomal (nerves responsible for sensation of pain) pattern toward the spine.  Needles may also be inserted at the spine. The action of these needles creates a lesion in the surrounding tissues, stimulating the body’s own immune response.  An increase in blood flow to the area results from the needling!

It is important to note that acupuncture and dry needling are different. Acupuncture is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and has a focus on correcting Xi.  Dry Needling is based on scientific neurological principles.

Joel with Dry Needles
Joel with Dry Needles

Be sure to call and set up an appointment in either Redmond (425-883-9630) or Mercer Island (425-883-9631).  For further information check out Advantage PT on the Web!



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